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Villagecitizen, LLC 's Commitment to your privacy policy

Villagecitizen, LLC , Inc. is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality and security of your personal and health information. We have established Privacy Principles to govern our use of customer information. The terms "we", "us", and "Villagecitizen, LLC " refer to Villagecitizen, LLC Inc. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Use.
Last Updated on May 27, 2019.

1. About Us

This website is owned by Villagecitizen, LLC , Inc. in Los Angeles California. Villagecitizen, LLC , Inc. does not sell, rent, share or distribute your Personal Information to any third party organization for marketing purposes. We created this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) to give you confidence as you visit and use the Services, and to demonstrate our commitment to fair information practices and the protection of privacy. This Privacy Policy is only applicable to our Site and information obtained by us from any of our marketing affiliates, and not to any other websites that you may be able to access from the Site or any website of Villagecitizen, LLC ’s business partners, each of which may have data collection, storage, and use practices and policies that differ materially from this Privacy Policy.

2. Personal Information

Villagecitizen, LLC ‘s is an independent borderless country that instantly connects us from all over the world. By joining our community, people can interact and virtually partake in any civil activity that a citizen can physically in any village or country. By creating a profile at no cost, you can connect, network, and exchange professional info with the citizens of the village with the same education, profession or business. Village also hosts an extensive dating service, job resources for recruiters or job seekers, introduces Business owners to each other, and allows you to find other Persians speakers for virtually anything, from finding a baby sitter, to finding new convenient or affordable housing.
Village's goal is to connect its citizens professionally to each other to maintain and promote Persian culture to the future citizens of the village by providing Language classes from the convenience of your home, Molana classes, and organizing local events. Citizens can consult with physicians, physiologist and other professionals as well as create private group focus groups.
Village aims to support and promote its citizens by helping to unify our society and culture, from students to housewives, by having a global platform to address our minds, bodies, and health. We strive to ease the day to day challenges of our citizens by providing an integrated hub, so you can avoid visiting multiple websites and search engines to find and connect to interesting, reliable information related to Iranians
Citizens are urged to join a wide range of forums where they can hear each other’s voices and opinions on topics such as health, parenthood, and gossip.
Citizens can also create private groups to chat and plan for hiking, poker games, poetry nights, to virtually anything their hearts desire.
Citizens can exchange their used items in the barter section, or sell and purchase new items in the shopping mall.
Village also sports a popping events section to inform and promose current events happening virtually and physically. Furthermore, citizens can purchase tickets directly without the need for third party affiliates.
Village is an “independent” US-based organization, not funded by any governmental, political or religious organization, to connect Iranians above and beyond their personal religion and political beliefs.
Village encourages its citizens to provide feedback about their experience in the village and any other services that may serve better our community. Each page of the village has easy access to a local search engine to seamlessly navigate the site.
By signing the registration Authorization ,you hereby Authorize Villagecitizen, LLC, its subsidiaries and employees works with Villagecitizen, LLC to disclose and release the following info:
Registration Data (First name, last name, Age, email, Business mailing Address, etc) Billing Records and credit cards Email
We understand that Villagecitizen, LLC will keep the info up to 2 years for any continuation of care needed by clients.
The purpose for this release of information is:
You understand the provision of this service is not dependent on this authorization and you are not required to sign authorization at the time of registration; however the information will not be disclosed without it. you understand that if anyone who receives your health information is not a health care provider ,federal privacy laws may no longer protect that health information.
You understand that you have the right to revoke this authorization in writing at any time, except to the extent information has already been released pursuant to this authorization at the time of the revocation. You can revoke this authorization by Sending correspondence to the business address provided in the website.
Requests for copies of your records are subject to reproduction fees.
A photocopy is as valid as the original.

3. Location and Traffic Data

We may track and collect information about your location if you enable your computer or mobile device to send us location information. You may be able to change the settings on your computer or mobile device to prevent it from providing us with such information. We may track and collect information related to you and your use of the Services, such as your browser type, IP address, types of computers accessing the Site, unique device identifier, the phone numbers and names of businesses that you call through use of the Services, requested URL, referring URL, browser language, the pages you view, and the date and time of your visit. We may also use third party analytics services in connection with the Services. For example, we may use services to record mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity, and/or clicks to call or contact health care providers through the Services, as well as any text or email that you type into the Services (collectively, “Traffic Data”). These analytics services will not collect Personal Information that you do not voluntarily enter. These services will not track your browsing habits across websites which do not use their services. We are using the information collected from these services to find usability problems to make the Services easier to use. The recordings will never identify you or your account. We only record anonymous user information, and we stop such recording before you sign-in or create an account. Should we decide to use any third party analytics services that track or collect Personal Information, we will provide you with advance notice.

4. Information Provided on Behalf of Children

Villagecitizen, LLC does not collect information from children under the age of 13 in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) as discussed below. If you are under the age of 18, you should not, and have no permission to, use the Services. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a minor child, you may, in compliance with the Terms of Use, use the Services on behalf of such minor child. Any information that you provide us while using the Services on behalf of your minor child will be treated as Personal Information as otherwise provided herein.

5. Cookies

Like most websites, we uses cookies and web log files to track site usage. A cookie is a small data file which resides on your computer which allows us to recognize you as a User when you return to our website using the same computer and web browser. Like the information you enter at registration or when you update your Profile. Generally, we use Cookies to customize your experience on our Site and to store your password so you do not have to re-enter it each time you visit the Site. Cookies do not allow our site to gain access to other information on your computer. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, but you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. We do not link the information stored in these Cookies directly to any of your Personal Information you submit while on the Site.

6. Public Content

Any information that you may reveal in a rating or review posting or other online discussion or forum is intentionally open to the public and is not in any way private. You should think carefully before disclosing any Personal Information in any public forum, and do not have permission to disclose any Individually Identifiable Health Information in any public forum. What you have written may be seen and/or collected by third parties and may be used by others in ways we are unable to control or predict.

7. Villagecitizen, LLC Use of your information and contacts

We may use your contact data to send you information about us or our products or Services, to contact you when necessary, including introducing new products and in conjunction with your use of certain Interactive Tools. You can invite friends, colleagues, health care providers, and others whom you know (collectively, “Associates”) to join the Services by providing their contact information, or by allowing us to use your address book from your computer, mobile device, or other websites or services. We may also use publicly available information to suggest Associates whom you may want to invite to join the Services. If you invite an Associate to join and connect with you through the Services, we may use and store your Associate’s contact information long enough to process your requests. The names and email addresses of Associates whom you invite will be used to send your invitations and reminders as well as to allow us to help expand your network. We may include names and pictures of other people your Associate might know on Villagecitizen, LLC . The invitation will also give your Associate the opportunity to opt out of receiving other invitations to join us. When you send an invitation to connect to an Associate or another User, that Associate or User will have access to your email address because it is displayed in the invitation. The invitation may also contain other Services Content about you, such as your name and photograph, to help the User or Associate identify who is sending the invitation. Your Villagecitizen, LLC connections will also have access to your email address. You may not invite anyone you do not know and trust to connect with you. We may offer tools to help you upload your Associates' contact information so that you can find your Associates on our site, and invite Associates who do not use us to join.

8. Messaging

If we incorporate, messaging into the Services, and you exchange messages with others through the Services, we may store these messages in order to deliver them and allow you to manage them. If you send information from the Services to your phone via SMS text message, we may log your phone number, phone carrier, and the date and time that the message was processed. We will not charge you for sending information to your phone, but carriers may charge recipients for texts that they receive.

9. Sharing of Information

We may share certain categories of information we collect from you in the ways described in this Privacy Policy. We may share your Contact Data, Demographic Data, with health care providers you choose to schedule through our Services. We also share Personal Information and Traffic Data with our business partners who assist us by performing core services (such as hosting, billing or data storage and security) related to our operation of the Services and/or by making certain interactive tools available to our users. Those business partners shall be bound to uphold the same standards of security and confidentiality that we have promised to you in this Privacy Policy, and they will only use your Contact Data and other Personal Information to carry out their specific business obligations to Villagecitizen, LLC and to provide your requested medical care and services. We may share information about you with subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under common control, in which case we will require them to honor this Privacy Policy. If another company acquires Villagecitizen, LLC or all or substantially all of our assets, that company will possess the same information, and will assume the rights and obligations with respect to that information as described in this Privacy Policy, unless we notify you otherwise.

10. Links to Other Websites

The Services may contain links to unaffiliated third party websites. We do not share your Personal Information with those websites and is not responsible for their privacy practices. Some websites may have the look and feel of our Site. Please be aware that you may be on a different site and that this Privacy Policy only covers our Site. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the quality or accuracy of information presented on non-Villagecitizen, LLC websites.

11. Changing and Deleting Your Information

As a registered User of the Services, you can modify some of the Personal Information you have included in your profile or change your username by logging in and accessing your account. Upon your request, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to delete your account and the Personal Information in your profile; however, it may be impossible to remove your account without some residual information being retained by Villagecitizen, LLC . When you delete your account, you understand that removed Content may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time (but will not be available to others). Furthermore, to the extent Content about you has been shared with others, or other Users have independently uploaded and/or retained Content about you, such Content may also remain on the Services. For example, while we will remove your account profile and the ability for others to contact you through the Services or access your Personal Information, some Content about you may be retained in the individual pages for health care providers you contacted through the Services or outside the Services. Such Content may be in aggregate form, such as data pertaining to the number of Users who accessed the respective health care provider’s profile, or in individual form, to the extent that the health care provider has entered or retained Content about individual patients. The respective health care provider is the only User who would have access to such retained aggregate or individualized Content. Registered users who wish to close their account should request removal by sending email to [email protected] .

12. Confidentiality and Security

Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, we will keep your Personal Information private and will not share it with third parties, unless we believe in good faith that disclosure of your Personal Information or any other information we collect about you is necessary to: (1) comply with a court order or other legal process; (2) protect the rights, property or safety of Villagecitizen, LLC or another party; (3) enforce our Term of Use; or (4) respond to claims that any posting or other content violates the rights of third-parties. Although we make good faith efforts to store Personal Information in a secure operating environment that is not open to the public, you should understand that there is no such thing as complete security, and we do not guarantee that there will be no unintended disclosures of your Personal Information. If we become aware that your Personal Information has been disclosed in a manner not in accordance with this Privacy Policy, we will use reasonable efforts to notify you of the nature and extent of the disclosure (to the extent we know that information) as soon as reasonably possible and as permitted by law. You must promptly notify us if your contact data is lost, stolen, or used without permission. In such an event, we will remove that contact data from your account and update our records accordingly.

13. Updates and Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right, at any time, to add to, change, update, or modify this Privacy Policy so please review it frequently. If we do, then we will post the amended Privacy Policy on the Site; we may also attempt to notify you in some other way. In all cases, use of information we collect is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is collected.

14. Contacts

If you have any comments, concerns or questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected] .

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